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✓ Pida ayuda profesional directamente desde su oficina
✓ ¿Un proyecto más grande? Llámenos @ sales@thehotelcloud.com

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Are there any other fees, beside the subscription?
Only if you order professional services such as assistance on app creation or native apps. To get a firm quotation on a larger project, feel free to reach us by email @ sales@thehotelcloud.com 

When do I start paying for my subscription?
You can start building your app for FREE. And you have 30 days to start paying for your subscription 😀 

How can I get my invoices?
You will receive them directly by email. If you missed one, email us at accounting@thehotelcloud.com

Is there a commitment period?
No commitment period. No termination notice. Only the current subscription period is due.

Can I pay with any currency? 
You can pay in EUR, USD or GPB at the price mentioned in our pricing table. 

What payment methods do you accept?
Online payment. 

Can I upgrade my plan?
You can, at anytime. 

Do you offer discounts?
We offer discounts for annual subscriptions. Since we believe our prices are fair, we don't offer any other discounts. It helps us stay agile; with less people negotiating, we can focus on building the best platform possible to bring you even more value.

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