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Thinking together

About the TOBs

In June 2016, Hotelcloud started organizing its OWN events with an objective : shake up the hospitality industry. 
Meet the TOB events - Think Out of the Box 

The context
The hospitality industry and more generally the travel industry have been undergoing many changes in recent years.
So we believe it is time for us to create something new. Something to make our ecosystem aware of the key trends and challenges they are currently facing or will be facing in the short-term.

The concept
Gathering hospitality professionals (customers, partners, prospects ...) around topics related to their businesses (challenges, trends, issues...).
We want to share information, discuss, challenge them and bring our own recommendations.

When & where
These events take place every quarter in Paris for the time being.

Key findings about our TOBs will be shared and made available in our page so that anyone can easily benefit from them.

Next TOB

No TOB planned yet 

TOB #1 - Millennials & Travel

Our first Think Out of the Box - TOB took place on Thursday 30th June, 2016 at the Hotel Marignan Champs-Elysées, in Paris.

Topic: What does the Y generation expects from hotels during their stay?
  • Florian Savoyen - Digital Travel Trend Setter @Hotelcloud
  • Fany Fulchiron - Development manager @VOD Factory

Around 40 people attended this event to decrypt this generation - their main characteristics, their relationship with the travel industry and how hotels can meet their expectations.

TOB #2 - UI & UX to build customer loyalty

Our second Think Out of the Box — TOB took place on Thursday, September 29th, at the Hotel Marignan Champs-Elysées, in Paris.

: The importance of UI/UX to build customer loyalty
Speaker: Florian Savoyen — @Hotelcloud
Attendees: Essentially French hoteliers

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