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Our platforms can easily be built by yourself

✓ Our CMS is extremely easy to use a and our complete documentation with videos & GIFs will make it even easier
✓ Start with our collections of templates to get going. We've build templates per business type: restaurant, hotel, dentist, art shop, teachers... 

Can't find the template you are looking for? Submit your request to our team and we'll try to add it as quickly as we can!

Order Professional Services


Three-day Assistance

Call it a kick-off offer ! 

Thirty-day Assistance

30 days to build a beautiful app.

Native App (IOS & Android)

We generate native apps and upload them on App Store & Google Play. Available for smartphone & tablet. 

Full website transfer

Share your existing website, we take care of the transfer.


AI Google translation

We instantly translate your application in new languages via AI Google translate technology

Available translations to date: 
  • German <-> English   
  • Spanish <-> English  
  • French <-> English   
  • Japanese <-> English  
  • Korean <-> English  
  • Portuguese <-> English  
  • Turkish <-> English  
  • Chinese (Simplified) <-> English

  • Only the existing content will be translated. Future pages wont't be translated hence a new translation will have to be ordered if needed 
  • Only YOUR content will be translated. We don't translate imported content such as external partners' pages

Setup & training

Get assistance in setting up your products, team, departments and train your team on your new Blackbell platform.

Request an App template

Can't find a template for your activity, request it! We'll do our best to upload it before you know it. You will be notified by email once the template is available. 
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