Our marketplace of activities & services

What is the Marketplace

Hotelcloud platform is powered by our Blackbell technology, and any business using Blackbell can:

1. Be featured in other Blackbell apps to generate more sales. 
Ex. A local florist sells his products through a hotel app.

2. Feature other blackbell apps services to generate commissions. 
Ex. A hotel will make a commission if a guest using the hotel app buys flowers.

Any host creating its application with Hotelcloud can therefore easily access and feature instant book local services and activities.

How to feature local services and activities in your app ?

It is easy to get started:

✓ From your back-office, select from available marketplace pages the ones you would like to feature in your app
✓ There is no next step!

You will receive commissions if one of your users books a service from one of those external pages featured in your app. 

Booking & Money Flow

Below is the booking flow of the marketplace. Payments are processed by Stripe, a fully PCI compliant payment gateway. 
To know more about Stripe.

Hotelcloud Marketplace Today

Hotelcloud marketplace is made of tons of fun activities for your residents. And the good thing is that you don't have to take care of anything ! We handle the whole process from order dispatch to payment. 

  • Tours & Activities by TripAdvisor - For fun

We have integrated the 40,000+ tours & activities of Viator in our platforms. Content & availabilities are retrieved live. 
From Paris to Phuket to Perth, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the offer is extremely diverse. Airport transfers are also included in Viator offer.

  • Local Services - For convenience 

We also continuously enroll to our marketplace service providers. They are individual businesses looking to offer their services or activities through our platforms. This allows users to get a larger choice of services.

Who & How to join

Who should join our marketplace?  
Anyone looking to use our beautiful platform as a stand-alone app and to cross-sell services through other Blackbell apps. 

How to join our marketplace?  
Simply subscribe to Blackbell. By subscribing, you will : 
✓ Get access to your own platform, web & native. You can obviously use it as your own website. 
✓ Be able to cross sell your product & services via other Blackbell apps

Can a business join our marketplace for FREE?  
Not yet! We are thinking of an option to only let you join the marketplace without having to pay for your Blackbell platform. But that's not live yet. 

How much it is? 
Prices for Blackbell can be found here. To be able to sell your products, you must opt for the E-commerce plan.

What about commission on sales?
As of today, the commission a service provider must reattribute is fixed and set to be 20%. It applies to each and every sale made through other Blackbell's platforms. 

Subscribe to Blackbell

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