Hotelcloud for Serviced Apartments


Today's travelers indifferently stay in hotels or serviced apartments. In both cases, they expect comfort and convenience. 

As we described in the hotel section, Hotelcloud finally turns travel into a mobile experience. This is also true for rental apartments, for the exact same reasons. 

Let's think about it. What has changed in our life over the past 10 years?
✓ We connect with people on Facebook
✓ We move with Uber
✓ We eat with
✓  We shop with Amazon

However, when we travel, everything becomes incredibly complex. 
✓ moving is cumbersome
✓ shopping feels random
✓ eating is you and your luck

And this contrast is especially true for the Millennials generation which already accounts for 35% of today's travelers.

This is why we created Hotelcloud: to make travel a more personalized, frictionless, and graceful experience. Today, serviced apartments have no choice but to completely rethink the way they welcome, interact and serve their guests. 

Focus on the Millennials generation

Our 1st event "Think our of the Box" was the opportunity to get to know better the younger generation and understand how they approach travel. 

Serviced apartments companies HAVE TO take those travel habits into account and Hotelcloud can be an answer. 

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