Hotelcloud for Business Centers

Value Proposition for Business Centers

With mobile now pervasive in most companies, there’s growing popularity and interest around using business-to-employee (B2E) apps to attract and retain well-qualified staff.
Among other recent changes : employee mobility, new digital tools getting into our workspace, connected objects... Those trends are forcing companies to think about the in-house experience they want to offer to their employees. 

Today, any employee :
  • enters his building
  • connects with other employees / co-workers
  • books a meeting room
  • orders food for lunch
  • orders a car transfer to the airport for his next business trip
  • reports incident
  • plans his next vacations

Hotelcloud platforms can meet all those requirements by offering one single app to help employees get informed, interact and connect to their host and their environment.
Mobile is everywhere. And it will soon completely change the face of work. Hotelcloud for business centers can help.

Who can be interested?

Our platforms can be of interest for : 

✓ Individual companies, looking to better communicate with their employees 
✓ Co-working spaces managers, looking to better communicate with their tenants
✓ Property developers, looking to build attractive projects for investors 
✓ Facility managers, looking to simplify their daily office management 

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