Hotelcloud for B&Bs

Value Proposition for B&Bs

Like any other lodging organizations, B&Bs welcome guests who live mobile

Aren't I too small ?

Not at all ! Hotelcloud is relevant to ANY TYPE of lodging organization, even small B&Bs ! 

✓ All guests, wether staying in large hotels or small B&Bs, deserve to be properly informed while traveling. Only digital platforms can ensure clean and accurate information
✓ Hotelcloud platform can be used by B&Bs as a local guide to maintain. B&Bs love to guide their guests through their neighborhood so it makes absolute sense to leverage our platform
✓ Hotelcloud can also be used as a website, making the price totally affordable !

Testimony from one of our B&Bs customers

Why an e-concierge for Cyprès si Haut’s guests?
"Implementing an e-concierge is an extra service which separates us from our competitors and labels us as avant-garde for our kind of structure. Our guests enjoy preparing their stay and are always seeking for services but do not want to waste time looking; it’s much easier to have an app which gathers all of that."

Any positive feedback from your guests ?
"Guests are surprised that a structure of our size offers such a service and find it very easy to use. This is extremely valuable to differentiate ourselves, and to help them plan their stay."

Didier Bentejac, 
Owner of Cypres Si Haut 

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