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Maranatha Annual Conference - May 2016

In May 2016, Hotelcloud was invited by Maranatha Group to participate to a special roundtable meeting. 
The topic was : in light of the latest Hospitality key performance indicators, how should hotels react to Airbnb & OTAs?

Led by Stéphane Soumier (Economic journalist at BFM Business), the roundtable included several Hotel Groups COO, CEO and Hotelcloud COO - Sharon Brakha.

What did we learn at this event?

"Experience". This abstract word was the leitmotiv of this passionate debate between hotel group owners, investors, architects and digital evangelists. They all agreed on the same idea, that for a hotel to survive today, it must offer somewhat of an experience to its guests.

Sharon portrayed the daily usage of the Y generation explaining that smartphones had become true digital companions, offering experiences like never before. True companions in the sense that they serve as reminders (notification for a train about to depart), helpers (notification to inform you of your seat number), assistant (notification to book a uber when arriving at the train station)...

The message given to all hotel owners and directors was to start thinking of providing a way to give life to a digital companion that would seamlessly smoothen guest's experience when staying in their establishments... Airbnb, Booking have already given life to their digital companion, allowing guest to chat with their hosts and instantly be alerted for any change of plan. It is therefore up to hotel owners to raise the bar and challenge themselves so as to be seen as crafter of experiences by the guest.

Hotelcloud and Maranatha have been working closely for almost two years to develop and give life to the perfect digital companion that will enhance the guest experience before, during and after the stay.

InExtenso Deloitte Roadshow 2016 - France

Beginning of 2016, In Extenso Deloitte (French audit and consultancy firm) launched its 18th edition of annual Hospitality and Tourism trends, and organized in this context several roundtable meetings in France.
These events aimed at discussing the main evolutions that have been impacting the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Sharon Brakha was invited to speak at 4 of those events, to share her vision on the following topics:

  • Hospitality services: how to adapt to new behaviors and to the "uberisation of the industry?
  • Take control of your digital strategy**

What did we learn at these events?
These events were the opportunity to present key facts about the digital revolution taking place right now, and how to address it in a smart and strategic way.

Hotelcloud @ InExtenso Deloitte

Sharon talks about digital experience at the Annual Deloitte Conference

Okko Escale - September 2015

In September 2015, Hotelcloud was invited by OKKO Hotels to a roundtable meeting in Paris during its "OKKO Hotels Parisian Stop" event.
During this roundtable meeting, participants (listed below) were asked to talked about "Digital revolution and collaborative economy: the end of hospitality?".

  • Sarah Roy - Communication Manager at Airbnb France
  • Michel de Rovira - Co-Founder of Michel&Augustin
  • Olivier Bon - Co-Founder of the Experimental Cocktail Group
  • Sharon Brakha - COO at Hotelcloud

This event was the opportunity for Hotelcloud to illustrate the importance of the mobile in the customer experience and to present how Hotelcloud solution answer the customer's new needs and expectations.

Please, watch below the roundtable broadcast (in French).

Hotelcloud @ Okko Escale

Hotelcloud @ Okko Escale

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